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Week 7 A Rough One and another $50 contest

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hi happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all doing fantastic!

I'll start by saying that this week had more cheating then a student works rafting event.

The first one happened while I was in Kingston moving out of my student house with the GF. We had dinner at a restaurant and I got this delicious AAA beef tenderloin and then the following day I had bacon, eggs, and sausage for my breakfast.

Then in the middle of the week, we were doing work for this unreal client and for lunch both days he got us chicken shawarma and sandwiches (which had meat and cheese on them). Good though. And then I had a little bit of ice cream too. So in terms of days cheated this brings the total to 6 days (2 thanksgiving, 2 Kingston and 2 mid-week of painting).

In terms of everything else though I have been doing great! Really like my smoothies, salads have been bomb! This week I also tried out these like sticky noodles! I fucked up cooking them... you were supposed to soak them in water but I just boiled them. I added asparagus, onion, pepper, zucchini, as veggies and beans! Overall really good and I'll be surviving off that for the next couple of days.

Looking towards next week. I would say that I'm just looking to maintain my current diet and stay true to it until the very end of my 60 days. I have completely removed bananas from my smoothies. I now use peanut butter to add some flavour and sweetness.

Now for the $50 contest, I kept to my routine and managed to wake up at 5:30 for the week! I'll have the photos posted down below here.

For my next 50 dollar contest, I want to finish the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham! I have about 156 pages left. So if I am not done by next Sunday, and I admit it in the blog, the first person that calls me out about will get their $50 bucks!

Well, thanks again for another great week everyone looking forward to next Sunday!




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