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Week 6 The Smoothie and the $50 Contest!!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hey happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are all doing fantastic!

This past week week for me has been pretty solid! I have only head bread on 1 occasion (after work I had a bagel with PB). Other then that I have been on track with my diet and eating consistently what I want.

One thing that I for sure wanted to talk about was the smoothies that I have been munching on in the morning! So in terms of my recipe I have been doing my best to transition to as green as smoothie as possible. Although some things as for sure more green tasting then others. In particular Kale is potent AF just a single leaf of this shit will essentially dominate the taste of the smoothie BUT if you slice off the last couple inches of the stem this helps reduce the potency of the taste.

You don't even taste the avocado in the smoothie this is really well hidden. Same goes with the spinach. The blackberries are great in balancing out the kale.

Here is my smoothie recipe.






Greens Powder from Canadian Protein

Vegan Protein Power from Canadian Protein

Lastly! Big chance to win $50 dollars. So for the past three days including tmr morning I have not been getting up at my regular time of 5:30am

So for this week from Tuesday to Sunday every time I wake up I will screenshot my alarm and snap a pic of me awake in my roommates room! If I don't post these in next weeks blog then that means that I didn't do it.

The first person that calls me out in the blog will get $50 dollars from me!

So good luck to me and good luck to all of you this week!



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