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Week Five Salads Salads Salads

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hey happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are all doing great and looking forward to the start of another awesome week.

Since leaving home after Thanksgiving I have been working on a cottage job and unfortunately, I have still been consuming quite a bit of bread/bagels lately.

Although! I have added two things into my diet which I have liked and are herding me towards an ever healthier path. The first is that I have started having smoothies for breakfast. This accomplishes two things for me. One is that I get to have more greens! I add a couple of handfuls of spinach into my smoothie and mixed in with the fruit, I don't even taste it at all! Second, I also put avocado in as well. I have been eating two avocados a day now as I am trying to have more fats as opposed to carbs/sugar.

The smoothie recipe is as follows;

1 Avocado

1 Banana

2 Handfuls of Spinach

Frozen Fruit (its a strawberry, blackberry, raspberry blend)


Blend it all up and wall-ah!

It's very tasty and I plan to add more greens while also decreasing the banana. I think I might always wanna keep some kind of fruit in there. Who knows though maybe I'll be able to go fully green smoothie one day.

The second big change that I have made is in regards to my lunches. Now I have a massive salad. The salad recipe is as follows;

Greens mix (lettuce, arugula, spinach)



Sliced Cherry Tomatoes

Trail Mix of Nuts

Canned Beets


Bell Pepper

Olive Oil


Salad is unreal! Although somehow I still feel hungry when I'm done it. This should go away in the future as I eliminate bread. For dinner, I have been eating my usual, rice, beans, veggies.

Next week I'm gonna go for it and completely cut out any kind of bread and granola. Besides my fruits and veggies for carbs, I'll be having rice and beans/lentils.

My adjustments for next week are as follows. No bread. Next, I'm gonna add my powdered greens to my smoothies and only have 1/2 of a banana in the smoothie.

As always thank you all so much for reading this weeks post and I look forward to talking about how next week goes!

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1 Comment

Tiffany Tsilker
Tiffany Tsilker
Oct 19, 2020

Love how you're journey is evolving! It's so great to see you taking more and more steps to better your health :)

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