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Week 4 The confession .

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hey Happy Sunday Folks!

Now you are probably reading the title and thinking that I fucked it up. Well, you are absolutely right!

Here is my confession Ill make it short and sweet.

So I have cheated on three separate occasions over 2 days.

1) At Panera Bread I had a veggie sandwich that had feta cheese on it.

2) I had roasted eggplant pasta which also had some kind of cheese on it.

3) Here comes the big one.... I had dim sum, which was shrimp, beef and pork, and all kinds of other great stuff!

There you have it... to all my dedicated follow cause I know there are sooo many of you, I am sorry.

Overall I would say the cheat meals were very tasty, especially the dim sum. The good thing is though I wouldn't say that it was like a world-ending. I know that I can easily pivot and go back to my vegan ways.

Also, another amazing thing is that I am moving into another house with the BOYS. Before we were living with our friend's parents in their basement but now we are on our own in our own house!!!

This means I'll be able to have full control of the kitchen that I use. I will be bringing a blender with myself so I plan on completely overhauling my breakfast into green smoothies!

As mentioned earlier I am going to try and transition to eating less sugar. This includes consuming fruits and veggies that are high in sugars/carbs.

I am going to eat more avocados, raspberry's, cucumber, asparagus, zucchini, and cauliflower.

Another trick that I am going to try is to contain the majority of my cards until my dinner. This should help to avoid getting any kind of sugar rush throughout the day and it won't matter at night as I will be going to sleep!

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Tiffany Tsilker
Tiffany Tsilker
Oct 19, 2020

Are you going to be this excited about our new house?


Jacob Xiggoros
Jacob Xiggoros
Oct 11, 2020

it's okay man... I didn't make it through "sober October", I didn't make it through sober October 5 times in two days. Nobody is perfect

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