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New Shoes and The Gym lean To

Hey Everyone Happy Sunday! I hope you are all doing fantastic!

For this week I am going to share with you my current gym set up, talk about the new shoes that I got and share some vids from the weeks lifts.

Since moving to the new place I have set up my new lifting area. For anyone that knew me before, I had it set up in my barn back in my home town and it was appropriately named the


Now it's kind of like a lean-to. I didn't have any kind of space to use inside of a garage or a shed, although the landlord let me put it underneath the deck and then to stop the rain from getting in I set up a tarp over top of it. This does the trick for now, although I know when winter comes it is going to be cold as fuck.

I have made a few slight improvements to the gym though. I got this dumbbell rack off Amazon during Black Friday. Which I have been filling up with more dumbbells' as the weeks have gone by.

Also during the Black Friday Bonanza, I got a new pair of lifting shoes. My old pair which I loved were in pretty rough shape. I got the Adidas Powerlifts 4 and had my first workout with them yesterday. Great pair of shoes felt good in them as you will see the video of me squatting is with the new kicks.

For my current programming I am working with 190 for bench 5X5, 220 for squat 5X5, and 270 for deadlift 5X5.

I am pretty much going to follow a linear progression although not as rapid as most linear progressions. Instead of increasing the weight each workout, I am going to work with the weights above for 4 workouts after which I am going to add 10 lbs to each.

I plan to continue this pretty much up until February. This will be about 40lbs increases across each lift. Putting me up t0 230, 280 and 310 respectively. This would put me back into my previous levels of strength that I had been at during my peak. Pretty aggressive strength building for sure, although because I have been at those previous levels before, as long as I can be consistent up to then I believe I cant get there. I am simply reconditioning my body and not trying to increase to new levels.

After I reach that target. I am going to transition into this ancient bench program that I used in high school. For anyone has used this program before they know just how effective it is and so I will be excited to give it a try again. I am currently turning it into a digital copy and I will post it when I have it completed.

For my squats and deadlifts, I want to focus on improving my deads as they are by far my weakest lift. I want to focus on doing those 3x a week to hone that movement. For that, I will break it up into 1 heavy day, 1 light day and then pretty much a recovery day to make sure that I am not overworking there.

That's it for today guys if anyone has any programming tips or trick feel free to share them with me! Other than that I hope everyone has a great week!

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