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Fitness Fired Up

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Hey Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you are all doing fantastic! For this weeks post I'm going to fire up the fitness section of my page!

For the next little while I am going to be focused on 2 things; putting on size and increasing my strength. This past summer has absolutely destroyed my strength and size levels. This is simply because I have been unable to consistently workout on a regular basis and as a result I'm small now.

The photo on the left here is from this morning (left relaxed/right flexed). Doesn't look like a lot going on. Until you see the photo of me in brazil then you realize what a little bitch I've become.

Now if you look at this image you can see a clear difference between what I look like now to what I looked like while in brazil. I was much bigger. This is what I'm going to be working towards for the next little bit. Getting back that size.

One way that I am going to do this is by simply working out more. This past week I have been able to workout 6 of the 7 days. This is what I consistently used to do and so were starting that back up. For my workouts I will be focusing on the 3 major lifts (deadlifts, bench and squat) working on the 3 to 5 rep range with 5 sets. Then I'm trying to cram as many accessory lifts in there as much as possible. My workouts have only been around 30 to 35 minutes so I do little rest and just hammer out sets.

Here are a couple of vids from this past week. In this one I'm deadlifting 240 for 5 this was the third heaviest that I went that day. I worked up to 280 for 5.

In the second video this was from bench day. This is 190 for 5.

Overall the lifts felt great! I just need to keep up with the consistency!

Also another cool thing is that I am reconstructing this ancient chest workout which is a program that absolutely sky rockets your max bench. It is incredibly affective! When I finish it I'll post it for everyone!

Other then that have a great day everyone and I will see you next week!

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