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30 Days of Yoga

Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope you are all doing great!

For this week I wanted to talk about my new addition to my morning routine.

Yoga has been something that I've never really considered doing before. My girlfriend does it a lot and has asked me to do it with her. Most of the time I passed until recently I decided to give it a try! Turns out I actually really liked it. It is very hard. In any movements that are not a squat, my mobility is absolute trash.

In light of this experience, I have decided that for the month of January I will be doing yoga every morning. The goal would be that after the month it has become engrained into my morning habits. Furthermore, my mobility should see some kind of improvement in addition to my flexibility. Overall there should be at least some kind of transfer into my lifting.

The routine that I'm following is from a YouTuber called Kassandra. She's got this 30-day intro to yoga for beginners. Each routine is about 10 minutes long so its the perfect amount of time for me. Plus she's pretty hot. I got a link posted below so you can exceed them and join in.

Other then that in terms of my lifting it's been going well. Today with mark the 2nd increase in weights for me. I will be working with 240 squat, 210 bench and 290 deadlift all for 5x5 for the next 2ish weeks. What I have decided to do as well is every three days that I am on I will have 2 days of rest. I think this added bit of recovery time will help in the long run and just give more time in my schedule.

That’s all for this week everyone!

As always please feel free to interact with me more/or provide feedback!

You can reach me at 416-209-8453 or at

All the best,


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